About the company

ART-BANK group of companies is an international provider of modern banking software systems.

Work experience in the market - more than 17 years, more than 100 implemented projects for banks.

Our specialization - retail banking systems (cards, deposits, credits, payments and transfers, loyalty system...)


The head office of the company is located in St. Petersburg, wherein 1999-2000 the company's masterminds were assembled, and where key production and maintenance departments are concentrated nowadays. Here are created new product conceptions, here is situated banking business, accounting and reporting competence centre, also here works the support service.


Moscow branch was opened in 2005 - it is our sales and project management centre. Taking into account the role of Moscow as the financial centre of the country with the high density of financial institutions, in the branch we have also concentrated our main mobile resources, ready to come to the aid of banking specialists in the deployment and maintenance projects.


Voronezh branch was opened in 2008 as a team of developers of the main branches' orders. The start of its work signified the transition from the territorial to cloud-based business model. Owing to the deployment of cutting-edge management technologies, teamwork support systems and leading communications, the employee of any of our services can easily work on any part of the world.


Almaty branch, in the "banking capital" of Kazakhstan, was opened in 2011 and it was a significant event as the company went beyond the borders of Russia! The team of developers, analysts and deployers were carefully selected from a number of banking IT professionals with 3-5 years of work experience.


Kyiv branch came into the world in the summer of 2013 as a result of thorough analysis of the Ukrainian banking software market - banking society expressed a great interest testifying to the correctness of our deductions.


Lviv branch was opened at the beginning of 2014 as the team of analysts and developers to support the projects around all the countries.


It is necessary to highlight that the branches in Kazakhstan and Ukraine - are by no means the local enterprises oriented on the localization and the solution support on the local level. On the contrary, they are deeply integrated into the global structure of the ART-BANK GC and are developing in the foreground mode, taking part in our projects around the whole world.