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Digital Banking Platform


Innovative product by ART-BANK GC.

  • Front systems functioning continuity
    Stores actual accounts balances and carries out transactions even if back office is unavailable.

  • Savings on hardware
    System is able to maintain constantly high operational speed even on middle-end server hardware.

  • System integration in shortest possible time
    Embedded BP model allows to set up any business processes and to compile them into source code.

pdfART-BANK: Digital Banking Platform



ART-BANK system description


Centralized high-tech ART-BANK-4 system is a flexible tool to efficiently manage all retail banking processes, rapidly develop and launch new bank products into the market as well as to enhance efficiency and competitiveness of any financial institution.



  • Bank cards of individual persons and organisations.
  • Cashier's operations.
  • Credits of individual persons and institutions.
  • Deposits of individual persons and organisations.
  • Customer offers delivery (context-event mode).

pdfART-BANK: Description of the system



ART-BANK system front and back offices


Primary tasks of ART-BANK front-office system are:

  • fast registration of new or identification of current user;
  • providing the customer with an extensive information on the product range, banking product sale;
  • providing the customer with necessary consultation on the product usage;
  • evaluation of the customer's needs and additional services sale.

pdfART-BANK: The system's front and back offices



Online integration


ART-BANK-4 system supports a wide range of prompt integration opportunities with various Core banking, payment systems, transfer systems, data warehouses.


Considerable advantages for banks:

  • painless replacement of off-market, inconvenient for business, costly to support parts of external system for modern ones;
  • opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of brand-new systems;
  • to increase manyfold the efficiency of customer's work;
  • receive a tool to accelerate the entrance of modern complex retail bank products into the market.

pdfART-BANK: Online integration



Card credits typical programmes


ART-BANK system offers all possible card credit programmes:

  • Instalment loan programme.
  • Loan programme with full debt.
  • Tranche loan programme.
  • Instalment loan programme with grace period.
  • Tranche loan programme with tranche interest rate change.
  • Loan programme with floating interest rate within grace period.

pdfART-BANK: Card credits typical programmes



Marketing communications system ART-MARKETING


Marketing communications system ART-MARKETING consists of the following parts:

  • Customer base analysis and segmentation.
  • Marketing campaign creation.
  • Customer offers creation.
  • Customer offers delivery (passive demonstration mode).
  • Customer offers delivery (context-event mode).

pdfART-BANK: Marketing communications system ART-MARKETING


Tests with IBM.


Perfomance testing of following modules was proceeded:

  • Product Back Office.
  • Digital Bank Platform (DBP)

pdfPlan and results of Back Office test

pdfPlan and results of DBP test



ART-BANK Outstaffing.


ART-BANK may provide a client with an opportunity to use the experience and knowledge of the specialists providing IT support of banking business processes - project manager, analytics, deployment and support specialist, developer, QC engineer, and others.

pdfART-BANK Outstaffing services