ART-BANK presents the benefits of the New Corporate Card!

There is a common opinion that corporate card is a conservative, well-known product, and nothing new can be invented there. We hasten to assure you that it is far from true!
Due to the broadest possibilities of our software complex, we realized

an extremely convenient tool for the client - the New Corporate Card (NCC).


•    Individual limits by expenditure category;
•    Convenient tool for monitoring the target use of funds;
•    Easy to set up and implement the product.

For the NCC product, it is possible to set a single limit for the combined cost category, set limits with exclusion, and many others.

Limits can be either termless or recurrent – set for a period.

A back-office specialist can manage all settings; you do not need to involve IT-professionals.

Money on Limits can be either real or virtual. If real money is used, we will monitor the fund sufficiency and, if necessary, arrange an overdraft.
A full-fledged Product Factory of the ART-BANK software complex gives tremendous opportunities to use a set of ready-made Products (cards, loans, deposits, loyalty) and to realize innovative ideas of the Customer!

We are always open for cooperation and new opportunities!

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