Our new product is the "Care" card. A convenient installment, free for customers

Take advantages of financial flexibility with Care Card!
Care Card is a credit product intended for the purchase of goods in a special network of Shops. The key feature of the product is 0% instalment for 2-3 months or a credit at reduced interest (> 3 months).

A customer with a stable average income of $ 500 cannot always afford to buy a product at a cost of $ 90, and he can pay 30 $ three times using instalment and it does not pose any special inconvenience.




 Advantages of Care Card::


For Bank: For Merchant: For Client:

▸Рrofit from the compensation of whole or part interest rate paid by the Shop;

▸Enlargement client database – cards can be issued in the retail and service outlet;

▸The loyalty of the Client when Bank becomes the helper in Clients mind. The project can also be presented as a social one

▸New Client Drawing, advertisement on Bank’s site;

▸Increase in turnover due to the possibility of alternative payment of goods;

▸Possibility to connect to the "care" program without changing the bank-acquirer.

▸Possibility to buy using instalment when you wish without commissions and overpayments;

▸Suitable expense monitoring mechanism – a mechanism for maintaining accounts for purchases;

▸Payment reminder via SMS, messengers or e-mail.


Care Card can operate both in the mode of the secured credit (existing Bank Clients) and with the Clients off the street, and in this case, the Bank shall perform the Scoring of the Client. ART BANK product processing has a powerful built-in automatic pre-scoring system. In addition, we can quickly arrange the Credit Conveyor for the project (checking credit reference bureau, underwriting ...). Another alternative is the integration with Bank operating credit systems.


A full-fledged Product Factory of the ART-BANK software complex gives tremendous opportunities to use a set of ready-made Products (cards, loans, deposits, loyalty) and to realize innovative ideas of the Customer!


We are open for cooperation and new opportunities!


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