How to become a Bank of the future? MarketPlace from ART-BANK helps to succeed

We live in the digital age and the Internet is an increasingly important part of the interaction between Merchant and the final consumer. Can you imagine that you have a bank or shop on your mobile or laptop? What about bringing them together?



Being Bank

Create the shop on your site and sell goods and services of any Suppliers through your financial products. The customer can pay for the purchase in any way – with cards (including Credit cards), with other banking products (e.g. using interest from the deposit), instalments/credits/leasing by the simplified scheme of the receiving it or using points/bonuses of loyalty systems, etc.   In this case, Bank has no competitor and is the only financial operator.
Marketplace opens for Bank such tools as sales and promotions.

No matter how you imagine your perfect marketplace we are always up to the challenge!
If you don’t want to buy new systems connect to us and work under the Bring-us-customers scheme. Goods and services are placed on a single Marketplace platform, and Customers choose the goods and services and are able to pay for them in various ways. The Bank offers favourable payment terms for the Clients and receives new Customers. However, it is worth remembering that in this case, it will be necessary to compete for the Client with other financial operators.

Being Supplier of goods and services

Connect to the Marketplace platform and offer your goods and services!

You are guaranteed sales – the promotion of the platform and the involvement of clients are handled by a team of professionals and financial operators.

You will need to ensure the description of the good and service, competitive price and availability to provide delivery of goods or services immediately after receiving the order.

You are guaranteed the payment; the financial operators connected to the platform will take care of that.  
Marketplace platform allows conducting advertising campaigns, promotions, sales - any possible tools to increase sales. In the framework of ART-BANK Loyalty Clients will be able to accumulate bonuses, which are an additional motivation to return again and again to make purchases on the MarketPlace platform.

The main convenience for Customers is the purchase on the only one site using suitable payment way or with the possibility to receive the instalment/credit/overdraft from the financial operators connected to the platform.

Are you interested in it? Would you like to see how it works? Sign up for the presentation using the link.