Successful implementation of new products and modules in "RRDB" (Russian Regional Development Bank)

We are glad to announce the successful launch of new products and modules developed by ART-BANK Group for one of the largest banks of the Russian Federation - Russian Regional Development Bank.

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Thanks to the well-coordinated work of ART-BANK team and Bank's specialists, the time of implementation was recorded short. Now millions of RRDB clients can participate in the loyalty program provided by the Bank together with MasterCard, receive CashBack bonuses from each transaction and take advantage of the Priority Pass program.

Loyalty Module in RRDB version allows connecting new and existing clients to the Loyalty program at any time, accounting receipts and expenditure of the bonus points. The module is integrated into IT-landscape of the Bank, thereby information exchange between systems is carried out at lightning speed.

One more successfully launched product is the "Priority Pass" card, which allows the owner to participate in the international program of access to business lounges in the airports around the world. During the journeys, Priority Pass cardholders and their attendants can visit more than 1,050 business lounges in the airports that participate in the program, as well as pay for various services with significant privileges.

Clients have already felt the advantages of buying goods with RRDB cards thanks to another ART-BANK development - the CashBack product. The solution provides a full cycle of connecting traders to the system, setting an individual % of compensation from each trader, analyzing client transactions, calculating cashback, depositing it to the client's account, incl. the return operations analyzing. CashBack is accrued both on the main and additional cards.

Record short time to market of new products is possible due to a huge number of customized typical products and a set of constructors which allows modifying the typical version in accordance with Customer’s requirements. It is possible without coding and with the help of interfaces.

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