ART-BANK software testing

ART-BANK Group carried out control testing of the software performance of ART-DBP and ART-BANK (back office). The purpose of the testing was to study the features and performance of the software using the amounts of data comparable to the maximum volume of transactions of the largest

bank in Russia.


The testing was conducted in the IBM Client Center in Moscow using  following hardware:

•    64 core POWER8 at a frequency of 4024MHz.
•    SMT with a coefficient of 4;
•    1TB of RAM;
•    10TB - a data warehouse on a flash-array, while the bandwidth of the channel was only 4Gb/s;
•    DBMS - Oracle Enterprise Edition.


For testing, we used middle-class server equipment, which is characterized by an optimal price-performance ratio.
During ART-DBP testing, it was emulated the work of the processing centre, when the transactions were received, the fee was applied and transactions were authorized for an accessible balance. The results of DBP&Account Processing functionality testing demonstrated the ability to process up to 30 thousand (!) Transactions per second.

During ART-BANK (back office) testing, the Bank's operation (both daily and EotM procedures) was emulated with the volume of over 100 million client contracts. It is worth emphasizing that all business logic was configured on a test stand with the help of ART-DBP constructors and bpm-based models, without using any additional optimization of the executable code.

The great performance has been shown! Steady operation of all ART-DBP and ART-Bank (back office) subsystems with a huge amount of data were confirmed.

Detailed documentation on testing and its confirmed results may be found HERE.

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