Thank you, 2018

On the eve of the New Year holidays, the most of us review the results of the year gone by. Was this year productive, successful or, maybe, tough and recessionary?


In the outgoing year, we have been pursuing our main objective - make life of our Partners easier and help them to be closer to the customers. Just over the year the new products were born:

  • Smart Desk- CRM-system for the cash tellers built on the "single window" concept. Allows you to advise and serve the customer quickly and accurately;
  • Loan conveyor - a platform for the rapid sale of loans, including affiliate programs. A loan application goes through all the steps - from origination to disbursement in one software package;
  • SmART Remote Banking - Internet Bank + Mobile Bank on Android and iOS, which is the most flexible to customize for the client needs;
  • ART MDM is a master data management system that easily integrates into any architecture, ensures data quality, and allows you to keep a “golden record”.
  • "Finance doing alright” is a financial management system that will teach Bank clients how to properly manage their financial flows;
  • QART - an instant payment system using QR codes, allows clients make rapid and accurate transfers and payments.


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We are also proud of our newly developed Sales Guru system and the MarketPlace platform. It is not just a digital trading site, but a unique digital banking platform with built-in marketing and loyalty modules. The use of neural network technologies allows flexible setup of individual fee plans, service packages, demand forecasting, and profitability calculations.


It is not a secret any more: we have developed and actively use our own ART Studio web development environment, where up to 90% of the work is done without programming, using just the browser window. We will come back with more details soon.


This year was marked by a number of interesting implementations, including:

  • a high-tech project of Smart-ESB implementation in AsiaCreditBank;
  • modules for credit cards issue and settlements with a sophisticated business logic (banks in Russia and Kazakhstan);
  • development of online transfers for small and medium businesses in cooperation with KaspiBank;
  • personal user account and web payments module for the one of the largest banks in Kazakhstan.


Free time was also spent productively – we have attended various specialized events, including FinWin-2018 and Finopolis 2018.


The next year is going to be even more intense and interesting - we have scheduled a good deal of new projects - launching an installment card for the European market, new business modules for European and Asian banks, enhancement of our standard modules.


In addition, we decided to leave all the heavy stuff in last year, including our desktop “heavy” client application ART-BANK - in the new year we will completely change over all our systems to a thin web-client!


There is still room for new projects in our schedule - let's discuss them!