Software as a service - comfort on subscription

When you come to a restaurant for a lunch, you choose a ready-made dish from the menu and enjoy its taste. You do not tell the chief what products to use, how to cook. You do not think how much gas the furnace uses or how much electricity the mixer consumes. You have come to get the result - to rest and eat in a comfortable atmosphere, and you get it!
Now let's project this model on an IT project. Is it really important for your business to discuss what functionality is initially included in the scope of the project and what functionality is not included and would require additional expenses for improvements? Most likely, you are not interested! It is better to "Sit in a cozy chair and get a result, being in comfort."

How does it work?

Let’s say, you need to automate the loans issue process and have a certain budget. To start the project you require a new software. Where do you get it? Develop it by yourself – takes a lot of time, buy it – takes a lot of money. There is a solution - contact us.

Step 1. You come to us and tell about final result you want to get.

Step 2. We sign a contract where we indicate the size of the monthly payment. This allows to save your time and skip all the tender procedures.

Step 3. We customize our software for your requirements, starting from the business functionality and to the user interface design.

Step 4. We implement software, integrate it into your IT architecture and conduct final testing.

Step 5. We launch and support the product.

What do you get?

The service model of software delivery has the obvious advantages:

  • You get a fully automated product within a specified timeframe.
  • You do not postpone the launch of the project due to budget constraints, but pay reasonable installments.
  • You pay for the service while using it, rather than buying licenses for application software, etc.
  • You do not recruit staff to configure and support new functionalities and therefore save on payroll and workplace arrangements.

What about the risks?

The period from the contract signing to the test launch is about two months. During this time, the solution is still relevant for you. Time related risks associated with project launching are minimized.

You do not pay any advance payments that will empty your budget, but would not help you to control the vendor. Pay the monthly installments as long as you are satisfied. This ensures the motivation of the vendor, which means there are no financial risks.

No need to depend on a software. The Bank, like any business, needs a solution for a specific problem right here and right now. And we can give you that. Contact us and see yourself all the advantages of our service model of software delivery!