Bank's business tasks audit

Business processes audit and optimisation - is the ART-BANK company service where the professional business analysts conduct survey, documentation, business processes analysis and elaborate recommendations concerning the target goals in banking business development.



  • Personnel training, the usage of regulations in current work of the bank, division of responsibility.
  • Business processes management on continuing basis, business processes optimisation.
  • Construction and organisation of the bank quality management system functioning.
  • Effective automatization of business processes.
  • Operational risks management.


The ART-BANK specialists adhere to the following sequence of business processes model development:

  • Defining the set of management objects. Selecting an approach to the description of business processes.
  • Defining the configaration of business process model (models).
  • Developing business process model (models).
  • Defining process attributes.
  • Defining and assigning the processes with performance ratio.
  • Assessing time and price for the processes execution and optimisation.
  • Offering various variants of business processes automatisation.


Business processes models are created with the help of notations Basic FlowChart, IDEF0, IDEF3, DFD, VACD, eEPC, etc.

The ART-BANK company offers the assessment of banking business processes models in various notations: crediting, deposits, giro transfers, plastic cards and payroll card programmes, currency exchange regulation, online banking, financial monitoring, debt recovery, risk management, loyalty programmes, banking products development, crisis management, etc.