Integration with banking systems

ART-BANK-4 system supports wide range of prompt integration opportunities with various Core banking, payment systems, transfer systems, data warehouses.


The necessity of data synchronisation automation is stipulated by:

  • the storage of customer data, their accounts and financial transactions in two different software systems;
  • the performance of financial operations both in ART-BANK and external system;
  • the necessity to receive complete, consistent, reliable and detailed information on customer accounts statement;
  • the necessity to provide consolidated information to those interested as well as the controlling bodies.

 Seamless integration with the indicated systems is possible owing to the specially developed ARTOnline module.


ARTOnline is an ART-BANK module responsible for online-exchange with external systems. The module allows in online mode to:

  • Receive external operations;
  • Rate external operations;
  • Convert external operations;
  • Authorize external operations;
  • Send the message of certain type to the external system (e.g. creating financial operation in ART-BANK, send it for authorisation to the external system, etc.)


Online-integration offers huge advantages for the banks:

  • painless replacement of off-market, inconvenient for business, costly to support parts of external system for modern, high-performance, user-friendly, and business-oriented software units of the ART-BANK system.
  • opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of new systems, receive complete and consolidated information form the external system as usual.
  • to increase manyfold the efficiency of customer's work, receive a tool to accelerate entrance of modern complex retail bank products into the market as well as reduce the total value of the software systems.


 pdfART ONLINE - seamless integration of ART-BANK and external systems