Outstaffing systems

For providing continuous work of the system and its maintenance the bank may use the outstaffing service.


ART-BANK may provide a client with an opportunity to use the experience and knowledge of the specialists providing IT support of banking business processes - analytics, deployment and support specialist, developer, QC engineer, project manager and others.


The bank decides on the specialist's working hours: from the full-time work to several days a week. As well as the necessity of his direct presence in the bank or the possibility of working remotely.


Bank may specify the work period of specialist. It may be either work on a specific project or short-time tasks.


Within the period stipulated in the contract ART-BANK provides the bank with the specialist with the corresponding qualification from the number of available outstaff specialists. Alternatively, if there is no specialist with the necessary qualification available, ART-BANK searches, employs and trains the necessary employee for further work in the bank on the conditions of outstaffing.