ART-BANK is a module system based on artificial intelligence technologies that can considerably alter the cooperation between bank and its customers, within the shortest possible period offering new products and services developed with individual consumer characteristics in mind.


 Bank cards of individual persons and organisations

  • Cutting-edge card products of any payment systems.
  • Revolving credits, grace periods, combined products.
  • Extremely fast configuration of new products.
  • Staff saving at the expense of the highest automatisation level.
  • Equipment saving at the expense of the best operation speed on the market.
  • IT staff saving at the expense of perfect support.

Cashier's operations

  • Single bank teller's work place.
  • Operations with the accounts of individual and legal persons.
  • Operations without account opening, remittances and payments.
  • Currency exchange operations, support of the operations with safe deposit boxes.

Deposits of individual persons and organisations

  • The most attractive deposit products for the customer.
  • Unlimited possibilities of complex products configuration.
  • Deposits on individual conditions (VIP, institutions).
  • Powerful system of restrictions on operations types (additional payments, partial withdrawals.)
  • Floating rates, multi currency deposits, etc.

Individual persons and institutions credits

  • Consumer credits - sales, scoring, underrating, accounting, analytics..
  • Car loans, mortgages, other specialized credits.
  • Credits on individual terms (VIP credits, credits for institutions).
  • Factoring, work with portfolios, sales and credits redemption.