ART-BANK comprehensive solution

ART-BANK is a module system based on artificial intelligence technologies that can considerably alter the cooperation between bank and its customers, within the shortest possible period offering new products and services developed with individual consumer characteristics in mind.

Understanding the specific character of work of the largest credit organisations of our country, ART-BANK company has developed its own product with the possibility of the installed in the bank solution certification in compliance with the international quality and information security standards.

ART-BANK system is an efficient unit in banking products management. Front-office part of the system secures work in the bank's branches and sale points and can be integrated with informational banking systems of other providers, all processing systems to manage funds through payment systems and can be integrated with the systems of remote banking to manage the funds through online-banking and mobile applications.


Front-office addresses retail product system concerning all business-services: credits, deposits, cards, cashier services. Retail back-office ensures stable and fast calculations of all retail products. And, flexibly customised logic secures quick launch of new products into the market. Flexible customisation capabilities are built in on the level of all the system modules and banking products settings, terms of service, user interfaces, etc.

The system supports any server platforms, providing improved operation speed, fully ensures necessary level of services and the interaction of applications, and may become a powerful tool for sales and bank's business development under conditions of tight competition.




pdfART-BANK is a flexible tool for business development