Banking business automation

ART-BANK has full set of specialised functional, necessary for work with plastic cards:

  • All types of cards with magnetic stripe and chip issue, of various payment systems
  • Support of various processing centres
  • Work with incoming-files of payment systems, all message types processing
  • Work with authorisation messages, their matching with the incoming
  • Elaborated system of businesses acquisition
  • System network control, operation billing, depending on the network it is done in.

ART-BANK supports various business-schemes of card operation:

  • Debit cards
  • Overdraft credit cards
  • Credit cards (including those with revolving credit) - by now 5 typical credit card crediting schemes are available.

ART-BANK, being an integrated system, allows you to create various combined products, e.g. card issued for time deposits with the purpose of interest and deposit amount transfer after the date of its expiry.



ART-BANK supports the cards of individual and legal persons. It provides for the interaction with all payment systems.

 6 Work not only with retail card products but also with individual persons and companies on individual terms and conditions is possible
 3 Integration with various external systems: loan offices, state service bases, external scoring systems, etc.
 1 The system supports both business functions and accounting - entries for ABS is the result of work with the module
 4 The module allows to start mass card issuance for the pre-determined products
 Credit The system is applicable to card crediting both within the ideology of card credits and consumer loans
 5 Issuance of both personalized and non-personalized cards is possible


pdfART-BANK: "CARDS" MODULE - full-fledged support of card banking business



pdfART-BANK: Cross-products as based on bank cards