Deposit business automation

In retail banking system ART-BANK the "Deposits" module is planned for the automatisation of processes connected with opening and maintaining the deposits. It allows you to start mass employment of funds for pre-determined products and is suitable for both individual person’s deposits and legal persons’ deposits in the segment of small and medium business. The source of deposit funds can vary - both cash and payroll accounts as well as lapsed deposits.


The module supports opening the deposits in several ways:

  • cash payments through cashier's office; transfer from another bank (making an agreement, provision the bank with account details for transfer);
  • transfer from current (payroll) account, Sweep Account programme including;
  • either from your bank's or another bank's card, or from the current deposit after its closure.



  • Deposits with payments and partial withdrawals, with amount and time-frames limits. Deposits with fixed and floating (including those linked with the external) interest rates.
  • Local deposit programmes for customer-companies' employees.
  • Multi-currency deposits with optional exchange on the customer's demand.



Cartdep Work not only with retail "product" deposits but also with individual deposits of individual and legal persons.
 New Possibility to create quickly new products on the basis of typical and already customized ones.
 Calculation Embedded deposit calculator allows customer to choose suitable deposit.
 CartCredit The module may be used for creating cross-products and integration with other modules (e.g. "Cards", "Credits") made both by the ART-BANK and other companies.

The module allows that funds in Bank's branches as well as in sale points of banking products are accepted.