Financial monitoring system deployment

The majority of organisations offering services on the financial market adhere to the principles of anti-money laundering control (AML) and actively prevent any activities aiming at the facilitation money laundering process.



  • Detect the persons involved in terrorist activities;
  • Diminish the number of misoperations at the account of flexible scenario settings;
  • Detect customers operations liable to compulsory control;
  • Detect unusual operations and deals as well as geographically-distributed and time-expanded fraudulent schemes;
  • Prevent fraudulent operations;
  • Prepare statutory and analyst reporting.


AML-system offered by the ART-BANK company consists of several modules: :

  • Customer application form.
  • Operations analysis.
  • Documents circulation.
  • Reporting.
  • Analytical reporting.



  • Integration with several Core banking systems, data consolidation, storage and update, work compliance in one system.
  • The application of complicated models detecting criminal schemes and unusual operations.
  • Opportunity to build analytical dependence and conduct advanced analytics as well as business processes reengineering.
  • Opportunity to conduct customer scoring and apply risk-oriented approach.
  • Flexibly-customised interface. Opportunity to change the scenarios of detecting operations without the developers.
  • No need to employ your own team of developers and keep-up-to-date with the changes in legislation.


Customer application form has the information about the bank's customers, occasionally received from the Core banking and other external sources. Opportunity to define and manage the risk group for every customer. Customers presence in "black" and "gray" lists check function is also implemented in the system. The module works according to the KYC principle (KnowYourCustomer) being the part of international AML standards.


ART-BANK system detects suspicious banking operations with the set of scenarios (scripts), representing the operation analysis and identification of the defined types of customer behaviour mechanisms. Every banking operation in real-time mode is checked for its correspondence with the script list. After detecting the suspicious operation or the operation liable to compulsory control, the system automatically creates a task for further analysis of the situation by the corresponding bank specialists.


The mechanism of documents circulation is provided for work with the tasks in the system. The module allows you to attribute every task with certain status depending on the stage of its examination.


Separate module, providing the mechanism of session sending, for the reports preparation is implemented in the system. Every session presupposes the bunching and sorting of reports before their sending. Analytical reporting module deals with the search and detection of financial behaviour regularities.