Front- and Back-office automation

The primary tasks of ART-BANK front-office system are:

  • fast registration of new or identification of current user;
  • providing the customer with an extensive information on the product range, banking product sale;
  • providing the customer with necessary consultation on the product usage;
  • evaluation of the customer's needs and additional services sale.




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Opening and closing deposit, prolongation, replenishment, cash give out


Filing an application, schedule calculation, give out, approval, payment


Filing an application, card receipt, card account replenishment, statement receipt

Payments and remittances:

Making and getting transfers, payment for different services

Other operations:

Currency exchange, deposit box renting, rare coin sale



  • Deposit sale. Deposit calculator to choose the best deposit for the customer.
  • Deposit opening. Agreement execution and its signing by the customer.
  • Deposit payment. Cash receipt issuance, money receipt.
  • Deposit cash give out. Payment of interests, partial withdrawal (if allowed).
  • Deposit closure. Both scheduled and advance with interest recalculation.



  • Loan sale. Deposit calculator to choose the best loan for the customer.
  • Application for a loan. Customer income and security data input.
  • Loan pre-scoring. Preliminary automatic loan capacity assessment.
  • Loan approval. Multi-staged planned loan approval by loan services of the Bank.
  • Loan granting. Agreement signing, payment or loan transfer.
  • Loan servicing. Loan repayment, including advance one as well as loan restructuring.



  • Credit card sale. Selection of card products for the customer according to various parameters.
  • Application for card. For credit cards - data input for assessment.
  • Pre-scoring (for credit cards). Preliminary automatic loan capacity assessment.
  • Card approval. Multi-staged planned application approval by the services of the Bank.
  • Card issue. Agreement signing, card and pin-details issue.
  • Card servicing. Replenishment of an account, statement issue, card prolongation.



  • Currency exchange. Currency exchange and change, cheque payment, collection of payment.
  • Safe deposit boxes. Reservation, lease, safe deposit box freeing, visiting record.
  • Sale of rare coins and bullions. Sale of valuables, storage, redeem.


pdfThe ways of Front-office work structure of the ART-BANK company