Loan business automation

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ART-BANK retail banking system"Credits" module allows to automize all the processes connected with consumer and mortgage loans.


ART-BANK provides everything necessary for filling in the borrower's form. Decision-making support system makes preliminary assessment of the borrower applying the credit scoring method. The system goes with well-developed borrower assessment methodology, moreover, while deployment, we add some parameters and assessment rules according to norms adhered to in the bank.


Loan amortisation programmes available:

  • Amortisation after the end of credit agreement term.
  • Amortisation by installments, with an opportunity to indicate "grace period".
  • Auto credit amortisation at the expense of the funds from other customer's accounts (functional for crediting within payroll programmes is necessary).




Work not only with retail "product" loans but also with individual loans to individual and legal persons.


Integration with various external systems - loan offices, state service bases, external scoring, etc.


Cross-products: integration with other modules (Cards, Deposits, etc.) - developed both by our company and the others.


Possibility to create an individual amortisation schedule indicating certain amounts and amortisation dates.


Creation of new amortisation schedule for the rest of the amount under condition of advanced repayment of a credit part.


Support of all known on the market intrest calculation schemes - simple interests, annuity as well as other schemes.


Prescoring mechanism application for prior frequency definition of receiving credit for certain customer.


For every type of credit the corresponding scoring model with its set of parameters and its weighting coefficients on every parameter is available.


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