Loyalty programmes deployment

ART-LOYALTY module is a unique set of instruments and launch services, management and development of customer loyalty programmes.


ART-LOYALTY allows you to develop a loyalty system where for every customer's banking activity concerning all products (card payment, deposit account replenishment, currency exchange operations, etc.) the customer is awarded with points in proportion, specified by the bank, from the sum total of the operation. Thus, the customer will be motivated to employ the services and products just of Your bank and transfer assets from other banks into Your one.


ART-LOYALTY offers to manage the discounts and other advantages of its products as well as organise co-branding programmes with retail chains, transport companies, cell phone companies, etc., offer discounts or accrue bonuses to purchase products/get a discount.


ART-LOYALTY provides special Converter offering wider range of opportunities for customers in terms of bonuses writing-off, i.e. their exchange for bonuses of partner's loyalty programmes.


ART-LOYALTY deployment does not interfere with banking system work and does not require changes in the work of existing IT-systems. The module just extracts information and works independently!



  • Settings flexibility.
  • Autonomous work.
  • Integration with the existing banking system.
  • Constructor for loyalty programmes development.
  • Integrated reporting system.
  • High operational speed under low system requirements.
  • Points calculation in off and on-line systems.
  • Participation management through online-bank or ART-LOYALTY interface.